New Developer Edition of Incognia for Mobile Developers

Free Developer Edition puts frictionless authentication and address verification into the hands of every mobile developer.

Today, Incognia released its free Developer Edition, putting frictionless authentication into the hands of every iOS and Android mobile app developer.  It’s an exciting day for the Incognia engineering team.

Since launching Incognia’s location identity solution 10 months ago our SDK has been installed in 60M+ devices, enabling Fintech and mCommerce companies to fight back against fraud without adding friction to the user experience. Now with the Developer Edition, Incognia is making its SDK and APIs available free for any size company to leverage location behavior and device intelligence to detect fraudulent logins and transactions on their mobile apps..

The Developer Edition includes not only free use of the SDK and APIs but also a step-by-step integration wizard to make the installation super simple and also reference implementations.

Why are we excited about this new Developer Edition?

During the past twelve months, the realities of living through a global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, and in particular the adoption of mobile services. Increasingly consumers are turning to mobile for new, more efficient ways to bank, make payments and buy goods. At Incognia we are thrilled to be working with Fintech and mCommerce companies providing an easy to deploy solution that protects mobile users while making it difficult for fraudsters. 

Working with our customers we make it quick to add privacy-first frictionless security to mobile apps, so that developers can focus on designing and delivering value-added services. With the new Developer Edition of Incognia we are removing barriers for mobile app developers to get started with Incognia. We have included thousands of free API requests with the free Developer Edition to enable any size company to launch and grow their mobile app with security built-in from day one.

For more details on the Developer Edition we invite you to visit our Developer Portal to access developer documentation, reference implementations, and to sign up to integrate and test the SDKs and APIs.

Sign Up Now - Developer Edition


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