Cross-Device Fingerprint

Incognia's reliable device fingerprint combined with exact indoor location prevents fraud by recognizing users across multiple devices.
Cross Device Fingerprinting

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Traditional device fingerprinting is broken

  • Operating systems restrict access to device attributes

  • Fraudsters use advanced methods to tamper with device attributes

  • Over 50% of fraudsters use multiple devices

  • Legacy solutions are unable to detect device factory resets

Incognia's Cross-Device Fingerprint

By combining a next-generation device fingerprint with exact indoor location insights, we recognize users across multiple apps and devices, even after a factory reset. This enables our customers to prevent fraud, reduce false positives, and confidently give legitimate users a frictionless experience.

  • Re-identify devices, even after factory resets

  • Link devices together with location to recognize fraud patterns

  • Block repeat offenders from creating multiple accounts

  • Detect spoofing and app & device tampering

  • Proactively block based on a watchlist of suspicious locations

Incognia's Next Gen Device ID

Next-Gen Device ID

Used as a component of Cross-Device Fingerprinting or on its own, Incognia’s highly persistent Device ID is leveraged by our global clients on web and mobile to solve a wide range of business challenges.

  • Frictionlessly verifies users and identifies fraud

  • Continuously adapted to OS changes to remain stable and compliant with platform policies

  • Detects bots and device & app tampering

  • Real-time open Risk API ready to integrate into internal models and systems

  • Overcomes common device fingerprint roadblocks:

  • Operating systems constantly change device attributes and restrict access

  • Users have easy access to privacy tools like VPNs & emulators

  • Fraudsters use advanced methods to tamper with device attributes

Incognia's Exact Location

Exact Indoor Location

Incognia combines GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and network signals to pinpoint device location with an accuracy of <10 feet, unlocking the benefits of location for reliable device fingerprinting.

Exact Indoor Location vs IP and GPS location

Indoor Location

<10 feet

30x more accurate than GPS

Indoor Location

Data point can identify individual fraudulent users

IP and GPS

Low precision, with limitations like signal obstructions and environmental inaccuracy

IP and GPS

Not useful for identity purposes, only on an aggregate userbase

Persistent identification

When Exact Location is combined with Device ID to create a Cross-Device Fingerprint, we can accurately detect systematic behavior across multiple devices tied to the same location. This creates an unprecedented level of persistence, including the ability to recognize a single user across multiple devices.

A signal you can trust

Incognia's Exact Location includes robust location spoofing and tampering detection.

Incognia's has a signal you can trust

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