Food Delivery & Ride Sharing

Location-centric apps need better location verification

Incognia's spoof-proof location verification and proprietary device intelligence prevents Trust & Safety issues by detecting bad actors and blocking repeat offenders, including fraud farms. 

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Combat fraud with location verification

Food delivery and ride hailing are complex businesses that need to contend with multiple different types of fraud. These scams are executed on both the driver and customer side of the business and typically have one of three main goals:

  • inflate earnings driver earnings
  • receive heavily discounted or free food
  • steal loyalty points or cash balances

Bad actors use several techniques including, location spoofing, social engineering, and account takeover to accomplish these goals. As a result, food delivery companies suffer from user and driver experience issues and financial losses due to lost transaction value or compounded by chargeback complaints. 

Incognia's location verification and device intelligence exposes risky behavior in real-time enabling the food delivery industry to take a proactive approach to fraud prevention.

Incognia for Food Delivery & Ride Hailing

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  • Increase identity assurance

    Increase Identity Assurance

    Validate addresses from users anywhere in the world to confirm provided identity information with location behavior. 

  • Protect loyal customers_1

    Protect Customer Accounts

    Increase the security of existing accounts using frictionless Zero-factor Authentication to prevent ATO and protect personal information, payment details and rewards points. 

  • Stop chargeback fees_1

    Detect GPS Spoofing

    Detect the use of GPS spoofing apps to prevent drivers from manipulating their assigned orders or rides to access preferred jobs or inflate wages. 

  • Maintain a seamless customer experience

    Block Repeat Bad Actors

    Detect repeat bad actors attempting to bypass risk controls by creating multiple accounts and renting or sharing accounts by leveraging location verification.