Frictionless mobile fraud prevention for Retail & Mobile Commerce

Frictionless mobile fraud prevention for retail, mobile commerce
  • Stop account takeover

    Stop account takeover

    Leverage location intelligence to catch social engineering and phishing scams aimed at account takeover before fraudsters gain access to customer accounts and do damage.

  • Secure customer accounts

    Secure customer accounts

    Add location-based authentication to increase security for customer accounts and protect against theft of personal data, payment information, and valuable reward points.

  • Stop chargeback fees

    Stop chargeback fees

    Use location behavior to automatically verify the identity of mobile shoppers at the time of purchase and reject suspicious transactions.

Adding security, not friction

With mobile fraud on the rise, retailers today are challenged with delivering a frictionless customer experience while keeping fraudsters out. Retailers have to balance converting legitimate customers while preventing creation of fake accounts, theft from existing accounts and detecting fraudulent purchases. 

Incognia location-based behavioral biometrics adds security, not friction, to mobile commerce applications, enabling retail companies to focus on conversions and ensuring a great purchasing experience for real customers.

Benefits for retailers

  • Streamline new account creation

    Streamline new account creation

    Automate identity verification using historical location behavior to confirm that the home and billing addresses provided by new customers are legitimate. Improve detection rates for fraudulent new account creation and reduce the time to approve and onboard legitimate new customers.

  • Protect loyal customers

    Protect loyal customers

    Increase security on existing accounts to protect personal information, payment details and loyalty points. Incognia’s location-based behavioral biometrics provides frictionless authentication that detects fraudsters by comparing location history. When a fraudster attempts to access an account using stolen credentials, Incognia will deny access when the location fingerprints do not match.

  • Prevent chargeback fees

    Prevent chargeback fees

    Intercept fraudulent transactions and stop losses associated with credit card fraud by verifying the transaction location with the real-world location behavior of the customer. Don’t only rely on unreliable AVS & CVV systems to detect fraud, minimize losses and maximize revenue by adding behavioral biometrics to your decisioning process. When the location of the transacting device is not familiar, Incognia will provide a fraud alert.

  • Maintain a seamless customer experience

    Maintain a seamless customer experience

    Let Incognia take care of fraud so your customers don’t have to. Add background identity proofing and passwordless authentication using location-based behavioral biometrics to increase account security without introducing friction into the customer journey.

Get started quickly

Incognia is designed to be easy to implement and deliver results quickly. Our mobile SDK takes less than 30 minutes to install in your mobile app.

  • Device integrity API

    Device integrity API

    Validate the integrity of the location data provided by a device to ensure reliability.

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  • Trusted location API

    Trusted location API

    Understand if a user is logging in or transacting from a location they have visited before.

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  • Address verification API

    Address verification API

    Identify customers instantly by matching a provided address to their location behavior.

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