Location Fingerprint

Incognia combines device intelligence and hyper-precise location analysis to create the next generation of device recognition.


That's right, device fingerprinting that actually works.

Illustration of a building with marks symbolizing low and high risk next to a phone that highlights the high risk of a potential fraudster

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Traditional device fingerprinting is broken

  • Operating systems restrict access to device attributes

  • Easy access to privacy tools like VPNs & emulators

  • Fraudsters use advanced methods to tamper with device attributes

  • Legacy solutions are unable to detect device factory resets

Incognia has developed the next-generation device fingerprint solution

Our technology combines precise location data with a proprietary device fingerprint to make a reliable and persistent device recognition signal.

  • Re-identify devices, even after factory resets
  • Link devices together with location to recognize fraud patterns
  • Block repeat offenders from creating multiple accounts
  • Detect spoofing, app and device tampering
  • Proactively block based on a watchlist of suspicious locations

How does Incognia improve device fingerprinting?

Our technology combines precise location data with a proprietary device fingerprint to offer stickier device recognition than other solutions on the market.

Combines device attributes with a fusion of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and phone network signals

icon-white-paper Incognia integrates exact location data and device intelligence to distinguish trusted users from fraudsters more reliably. This integrated signal is extremely powerful because it allows us to bind devices to locations.


Associates devices and accounts based on their exact locations


Our unique combination of location and device data enables persistent device recognition. This means you can identify a single user across the multiple devices, app instances, and accounts they use to commit fraud.


Flag locations identified as suspicious

icon-account-takeoversIncognia flags precise locations that have been associated with suspicious behavior or reported fraud. This allows you to proactively block any associated devices and accounts from that location without disrupting the good users nearby.

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