Location Identity Solutions

Incognia award winning location technology enables frictionless fraud prevention for onboarding, authentication and in-app transactions.

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Incognia works throughout the user journey

Key differentiators

  • Reduce ATO

  • Reduce friction

  • Reduce fraud

  • Mobile-native technology

    Leverages mobile sensors for higher performance
  • Dynamic and secure

    Very hard to spoof, mimic or fake
  • Immediate and easy to use

    Integrate in minutes, provides actionable intelligence fron day 1
  • Privacy-First

    Requires no capture or storage of additional PII
  • Frictionless

    Works in the background with no user interaction required
  • Versatile

    Integrate with any risk-engine or IAM flow or work standalone
  • Powerful network effect

    Deployed in over 200 million devices
  • Compliant

    GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and SOC2 Type 2

Understand our privacy-first approach

At Incognia, we view ensuring the privacy of location data as paramount. That is why Incognia follows four core pillars in its protection of location data and user privacy:
  • We put user privacy first
  • We keep PII and location data separate
  • We use proprietary location anonymization technology
  • We are mindful of data retention
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Learn more on our privacy-by-design approach

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Case Study New

Challenger bank willbank reports 0 ATO from users with location enabled

  • 0 (zero)

    ATO for users with location enabled

  • 0.0013%

    false positive rate

  • 93%

    users enjoy frictionless authentication

  • 90%

    reduction in fraud losses

Data Security and Compliance

SOC 2 type 1 & 2

Incognia Systems and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports are examined and by third parties that certify Incognia's compliance. An independent auditor has certified that Incognia complies with the requirements.

Incognia full SOC 2 type I and II can be provided under NDA and upon request to our security team at securityreport@incognia.com.


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