Partner for Advanced Mobile Fraud Detection

Enhance your identity verification and authentication solutions with location behavioral biometrics

Partner for Advanced Mobile Fraud Detection
  • Dynamic risk scoring

    Dynamic Risk Scoring

    Incognia enhances risk decisioning with dynamic risk scoring based on each user’s unique location behavioral pattern.

  • Adaptive learning

    Adaptive Learning

    Incognia learns in real-time and works in the background, requiring no input from the user and providing a frictionless user experience.

  • Privacy first

    Strong Data Protection

    Incognia does not capture or store Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and all location data is hashed, encrypted and anonymized.

Fast and easy SDK & API integration

  • Identity and document verification

    Identity and Document Verification

    Incognia strengthens identity proofing solutions by automatically confirming new users live at the address provided during onboarding.

  • Multi Factor Authentication

    Multi-factor Authentication

    Incognia's superior location technology enables the use of precise location awareness as a frictionless component of multi-factor and passwordless authentication security.

  • Identity & Access Management

    Identity & Access Management

    Incognia location context integrates with identity access management platforms to enable frictionless access and step-up authentication for remote employees and privileged users.

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Improve identity verification

Improve identity verification

Improve identity proofing to detect new account fraud and reduce false positives by 65%.

Match real-time location behavior with provided addresses to streamline new user identification during onboarding (KYC) to prevent identity fraud and reduce the cost of false positives and manual reviews.

Continuous location-based authentication

Continuous location-based authentication

Prevent account takeover with an always on, frictionless authentication factor.

Secure mobile accounts from account takeover, without adding friction for users, with an authentication factor that updates in real-time, learns continuously and can be customized to support any risk management protocol.

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