Location Behavioral Biometrics Platform

Enabling frictionless authentication and identity verification.

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Location Behavioral Biometrics Platform

Location behavioral biometric SDK

Our award winning location technology makes it possible to understand user behavior and location patterns based on network signals (GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and on-device sensors, to an accuracy 30 times that of GPS. With a privacy-first design, Incognia requires no capture or storage of additional user PII, meaning that no identifiable user data can be leaked or breached.

Privacy first

Privacy first

  • Location data is hashed and encrypted

  • User data is anonymized and aggregated

  • No additional PII is captured or stored

Precision and efficiency

Precision and efficiency

  • Easily integrated in 15 minutes

  • Optimized for battery efficiency

  • 30x more accurate than GPS

  • Available for iOS and Android

How the tech works

How it works

  • 01

    Download and integrate our SDK into your app.

  • 02

    Start detecting physical places visited by your users.

  • 03

    Data collected is anonymized with hash and encryption techniques.

  • 04

    Place context such as "home", "work", "restaurant", is added to the location data.

  • 05

    Call our APIs to make use of user location behavior for identity verification and authentication.

How our authentication tech works


Prevent new account fraud and account takeover with location-based identity proofing and authentication

Start using private location awareness in your app.

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