Automated KYC Address Verification

Through network signals and device sensor data, our Address Verification feature analyzes location behavior to confirm if users actually live at the address provided during new customer onboarding.

Automated KYC Address Verification

Address Verification API

Learn how this features works

  • Address is entered

    The new user fills in their address during the in-app onboarding process.

  • Information is verified

    The API matches the provided address with the user's location behavior to verify identity.

  • Verification continues

    The API continuously re-verifies this information to detect and notify of a possible change of address.

Safer and faster customer onboarding

Safer and faster customer onboarding

Secure and streamline your onboarding process with frictionless identity verification that does not require documentation or any additional steps. The user is validated in the background by our location technology while you satisfy compliance regulations (KYC) and deliver an uninterrupted user experience.

Continuous identity verification

Continuous identity verification

Frequent checks determine whether the address tied to an account still matches the user's location behavior. The feature provides alerts when it detects changes of address so records can be updated according to regulation and anomalies can be investigated for fraudulent behavior.

  • Precise location technology

    Precise location technology

    Built on our award-winning location technology which is 30x more precise than GPS.

  • Frictionless user experience

    Frictionless user experience

    Adds no friction to the UX as it automatically validates location information in the background. 

  • No documentation needed

    No documentation needed

    Analysis of location behavior replaces the need for proof of identity documents. 

It all starts with SDK integration

Start detecting the location behavior of your users by integrating our SDK and Address Verification API.

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