Adaptive, dynamic authentication

Through network signals and device sensor data, the Location Fingerprint feature creates a private digital identity based on behavioral patterns unique to each user. 

Location fingerprint

Location Fingerprint API

Learn how it works

  • Maps behavior patterns

    Detects the places most visited by each user and starts mapping a location pattern, unique to each user.

  • Creates a private identity

    This unique location behavior pattern creates a private digital identity for each user, enabling passwordless authentication.

  • Detects fraud

    No two users have the same location fingerprint, so when changes to the pattern are detected, the API sends alerts on potential fraudulent activity.

User authentication

Frictionless user authentication

The Incognia Location Fingerprint enables authentication of existing account holders and removes friction for users re-engaging and logging in on a new device.

Prevent account takeover

Prevention of account takeover

Prevent fraudsters from taking over accounts by leveraging the Incognia Location Fingerprint for adaptive, dynamic authentication. Any deviations in behavioral pattern can be used to trigger step-up authentication. 

  • Precise technology

    Precise technology

    Award-winning location technology, 30x more precise than GPS.

  • Private identity

    Private identity

    GDPR compliant, privacy-first design requires no capture or storage of user PII.

  • Frictionless UX

    Frictionless UX

    Background authentication to strengthen MFA without adding friction for the user.

  • Visa
  • Allianz
  • Mastercard
  • Burger King
  • Walmart

It all starts with SDK integration

Start detecting the location behavior of your users by integrating our SDK and Address Verification API.

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