Device integrity verification

Detect attempts to send forged, spoofed or emulated location data to mobile applications using the Device Integrity feature to verify the integrity of the device.

Device Integrity Verification

Device Integrity API

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  • Anomaly detection

    Scans numerous device attributes, including app and file details, to detect anomalies.

  • Fake location alerts

    If an attempt to manipulate or fake device location data is detected, triggers an alert of potential fraud.

  • Continuous monitoring

    Runs continuously in the background to detect attempts to falsify location data. 

Detect location spoofing

Detect location spoofing

Any attempts to forge a device's location, including GPS location spoofing, are detected by the Incognia Device Integrity API. This ensures the integrity of location data used within the Incognia Anti-Fraud solutions.


Detect root user

Receive alerts on anomalies that may indicate malicious intent, such as root users with privileged control over the operating system or with the ability to run apps with administrator-level permissions.

Detect emulated environments

Detect emulated environments

The use of mobile device emulators can indicate intent to produce fraudulent data. The Incognia Device Integrity API detects and provides an alert if a mobile device is running in an emulated environment.

  • Continuous detection

    Continuous detection

    Continuously scans the device to ensure the legitimate origin of device location data.

  • Frictionless UX

    Frictionless UX

    Adds no friction to the user, validates information automatically in background.

  • Data protection

    Data protection

    GDPR compliant, all location data is hashed, encrypted and anonymized, no capture or storage of user PII.

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