Solution Brief

Location-based Device Authorization

Read more on how Incognia Location-based Device Authorization establishes trust in new devices at Login and Onboarding, without adding user friction.

Incognia is highly effective at protecting accounts from fraudulent device changes and SIM swap fraud, while recognizing those instances when legitimate users are accessing existing accounts from new devices.

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Cover of Incognia's Location Based Device Authorization Solution Brief
Understanding Incognia’s risk assessments and evidence Cover

Understanding Incognia’s risk assessments and evidence

Incognia provides a risk score through the Incognia APIs, together with a confidence rating based on the correlation of current and historical user...

Trusted Locations Cover

Trusted Locations

Learn about trusted locations, a key concept of the Incognia location technology, and how we enable zero-factor authentication with zero friction.

Risk-based Authentication Cover
Solution Brief

Risk-based Authentication

Read more about how Incognia provides superior defense against account takeover and delivers a frictionless user experience during login with risk-based...

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