Incognia Location Spoofing Report

Dating Edition

Read the results of a recent study on the state of location spoofing in 24 leading dating apps.


By reading this report you will learn:

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    How many dating apps are vulnerable to location spoofing

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    Which apps requested the user to share their location and their different approaches

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    How location data was displayed throughout the user journey


Romance Scams and Catfishing are on the increase

  • 80%

    growth in romance scams in 2021, reaching the value of $549 million

  • 23,000+

    US citizens claim they have been catfished.

  • Catfished

    30% of women and 38% of men using dating apps say they have already been “catfished”

Location Spoofing by Region

For each app, we checked whether when using a GPS spoofing app if the dating app displayed the real location of the user or the spoofed location. 50% of the apps in North America and in APAC displayed the spoofed location, indicating that they were not detecting that the user’s location was spoofed
Location Spoofing by Region

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