Account takeover prevention using location behavior

Account takeover prevention using location behavior
  • Effective fraud prevention

    Effective fraud prevention

    Add location-based authentication to detect the use of stolen credentials before fraudsters gain full access to accounts and do damage.

  • Real-time fraud detection

    Real-time fraud detection

    Trust in a solution that continuously scans for suspicious behavior. Real time authentication based on real time location data.

  • Frictionless experience

    Frictionless experience

    Secure your app with frictionless and passwordless authentication that works in the background and requires no action from users.

Advanced protection against mobile fraud

Incognia provides dynamic, adaptive authentication to help companies secure their mobile users and prevent identity theft and account takeover.

Incognia constantly maps physical places visited by users to create a location behavioral pattern, unique to each user. It works like a location fingerprint, that is dynamic and continually updating.

Adding no friction, it works silently in the background to constantly search for deviations in user location behavioral patterns. When a fraudster attempts to access an account using stolen credentials, Incognia will deliver a higher risk score if the location fingerprints do not match.

We deliver fast ROI

We deliver fast ROI

Our customers see rapid return on investment through

  • Reduction in fraud and account takeovers
  • Reduction in time to detect the attacks
  • Increase in customer trust

Understanding our features

Fast Deployment

Incognia is designed to be easy to implement, and delivers results quickly. Our mobile SDK takes less than 30 minutes to install in your mobile app. 

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