Fighting COVID‑19 with private location insights

  • Location intelligence

    Location intelligence

    Our role in the fight against COVID-19 is to provide data intelligence to organizations on the frontlines for social distance and contact tracing.

  • Private identity

    Private identity

    Our location technology requires no capture or storage of PII. Location data is anonymized, encrypted and aggregated.

  • Social distancing index

    Social distancing index

    Our data, analytics and dashboards help government agencies enhance public safety and communicate lifesaving push notifications.

Private location tracking to fight COVID-19

We provide location intelligence to organizations on the frontlines, so that together, we can minimize the spread of the pandemic. Through our privacy-first technology, it is now possible to study the spread of the virus, and help contain it, without mass surveillance.

Social distancing index

Developed to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Through a map view we provide the percentage of a population that is respecting the distancing recommendation per state, city and neighborhood. This data is helping authorities enhance public safety and communicate lifesaving reminders.

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Safety push notifications

Apps united in the fight against the virus

Join us in containing the spread of COVID-19 by communicating free push notification alerts to your user base.

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Our Work Fighting COVID-19: Brazil

Social distancing index

Recife's city hall

Through aggregated location data, we measure the level of adherence to social distancing in Recife’s neighborhoods.

With this information, city hall is able to make educated decisions and specifically address neighborhoods that have the greatest level of activity.

Social distancing index in Recife

Social distancing index

São Paulo's neighborhood

We verified the level of social distancing in the neighborhoods of the city of São Paulo, through non-individualized location data.

Based on this information the authorities can direct efforts in the most critical neighborhoods.

Social Distancing Index of São Paulo_high_0104

COVID-19 Proliferation

Partnership with professors at University of São Paulo

Air travel was the vector for the proliferation of COVID-19. See in the week of March 16 to 22, when there was already talk about social distancing, the movement of the population leaving São Paulo for other cities.

The data from the study are aggregated and do not identify any person.

InLoco_Corona GRU_6DIAS_EN_alta

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