Address Verification

Stop fraud at account creation

Incognia detects fraudsters hiding behind fake and stolen identities by verifying an address against the real-time and spoof-proof location of their device.

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  • More accounts opened

    • Establish trust on day one with instant address verification
  • Lower verification costs

    • Reduce use of outdated or incomplete identity databases to streamline account opening
  • Frictionless trust & safety

    • Prevent unique T&S challenges by identifying behavioral anomalies for risk management
Case Study New

Social media app increases real-time international address validation rate

  • 94%

    of users addresses validated in 11 international markets

  • 63%

    of addresses that leading address database services were unable to verify were immediately approved

  • 24%

    increase in onboarding new users in both domestic and international markets

More secure account creation

Using network signals and on-device sensors, Incognia analyzes current location behavior to verify the address provided during account creation.

  • Address is entered

    Address is entered

    The new user fills in their address during the in-app onboarding process.

  • Identity and document verification

    Information is verified

    Incognia matches the provided address with the user's location behavior.

  • Verification continues

    Verification continues

    Incognia can proactively re-verify to detect and notify of a possible change of address.

The Incognia Advantage

Incognia Address Verification Database Solutions
First-party data
Global coverage
No PII required
Behavioral signal 
Risk assessment
Average coverage 86% 70%
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