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Location-based Device Authorization

Authorize new devices with higher security and a frictionless experience

Distinguish good users from fraudsters whenever a new or previously unknown device attempts to access an account.

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    Frictionless Experience

  • Secure customer accounts

    Increased Account Security

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    Reduce ATO

Incognia Phone
  • Reduce Account Takeovers

    Stop fraudsters, not customers

    • Authorize new devices for trusted customers
    • Deny authorization of new devices for fraudsters
  • Reduce Friction

    Instantly categorize new devices

    • Works silently in the background, immediately authorizing devices of trusted users
    • Remove insecure, high friction, OTP over SMS from the new device authorization flow
  • Works at any stage of the customer journey

    Recognize new devices anytime

    • Safely authorize new devices for trusted users at Onboarding 
    • Authorize new devices for trusted users when they attempt a Login

Safer and Frictionless Device Authorization

Using location-based information, network signals and on-device sensors, Incognia analyzes current location and  location behavior history to confirm if a new device can be authorized at onboarding and login. Incognia’s Location-based Device Authorization works silently in the background when a user attempts to login with a new device, and compares the current anonymized location environment with the historical location behavior associated with the account.

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    User Presents a New Device

    Onboarding: the user device is completely unknown by the account at this point.

    Login: the device has never previously been seen by the account.

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    Device is verified

    Onboarding: Incognia compares the address information provided by the user with the current location of the device.

    Login: Incognia compares the current device location environment with the user's anonymized location behavior history associated with the account.

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    Incognia Returns a Risk Assessment

    Onboarding: If the device location matches, or is nearby, the address provided at onboarding, a low risk assessment is returned. Otherwise a high risk assessment is returned.

    Login: If the new device is at or near one of the user's trusted locations, a low risk assessment is returned. Otherwise a high risk assessment is returned.

Location and Device Intelligence

We make it easy to access Incognia's risk assessment and supporting evidence. Incognia supports API integration to your risk engine, provides an export feature for in-depth reporting, and summary and detailed view dashboards for easy viewing of supporting evidence. 

  • Deatailed summary

    Summary and detailed views of risk assessments

  • Export feature

    Export feature for in-depth reporting

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    Stand-alone fraud detection, or integrate our APIs with any risk engine

Incognia Dashboard
Incognia's dashboard
Designed for developers

Fast SDK integration & easy-to-use APIs

We provide a lightweight mobile SDK and intuitive APIs to make it easy for you to add location and device intelligence to risk assessments throughout the user journey.

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