Increase conversions with frictionless onboarding

Frictionless mobile commerce
  • Increase account openings

    Increase account openings

    Reduce false positives with location behavioral biometrics for automated identity verification. Works in the background with no friction for the user.

  • Onboard faster and reduce abandonment rates

    Onboard faster and reduce abandonment rates

    Enable dynamic, real time identity verification for seamless digital onboarding. Approve legitimate users faster.

  • Reduce time-consuming manual reviews

    Reduce time-consuming manual reviews

    Cut the time and cost of manual reviews and reduce drop-off rates with Incognia automated identity verification. 

Frictionless secure onboarding

30% - 40% of customers will abandon complex and time-consuming account onboarding.

Incognia helps companies streamline identity proofing and KYC processes with frictionless location-based identity verification and mobile fraud prevention.  

Incognia works in the background and adds no friction to the user. Using network signals and on-device sensor data Incognia precise location technology detects physical places visited by app users to create a unique digital identity built from their location behavioral patterns, not static PII. 

Trust Incognia to increase conversions, onboard users faster and reduce false positives.

More conversions, less friction

Optimize your onboarding and new device swap process for a better and faster user experience.

  • Streamline your digital onboarding experience

    Unlike identity verification based on public data, Incognia is real-time, dynamic and continually updating. To prove the new applicant's identity, our location-based solution matches the home address provided during onboarding to the user's actual location behavior. If there is no match, a high risk score is delivered. All processes happen silently in background, adding no friction for the customer.

  • Remove friction from your device swap process

    Stop adding friction. Consumers want to recover their own accounts quickly and securely with an easy-to-use experience. When a user attempts to login with a new device, Incognia checks their exact location and compares it with their historical behavior. If there is a match, a low risk score is delivered. If there is no match a high risk is delivered. All processes happen in background, adding no friction to the user.

Rapid deployment

Incognia is designed to be easy to implement, and delivers results quickly. Our mobile SDK takes less than 30 minutes to install in your mobile app. 

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