Frictionless fraud prevention for mobile

Mobile Fraud Prevention using Location Behavior
  • Dynamic Security

    Dynamic Security

    Enables continuous real time fraud detection using location behavior.

  • Frictionless UX

    Frictionless UX

    Works in the background
    & requires no action
    from users.

  • User Privacy

    User Privacy

    GDPR compliant &
    no capture or storage
    of user PII.

Frictionless fraud detection

Incognia location-based fraud solutions help financial institutions and retailers prevent new account fraud and account takeover. Using network signals and on-device sensor data our precise location technology creates unique behavioral patterns to identify and authenticate users. Our solution requires no PII and works in the background to deliver a secure and frictionless experience.

Frictionless Security for the entire user journey

Quickly approve new customers, protect existing customer accounts, and keep fraudsters out.

  • Secure new customer onboarding

    Identify new users by confirming that they actually live at the address provided during onboarding. Incognia matches the provided address with the unique location fingerprint that is generated for each user.

  • Prevent account takeover

    Prevent fraudsters from taking over user accounts by continually analyzing user location behavior. If Incognia detects suspicious location activity it can trigger additional authentication to confirm the user is legitimate.

  • Verify app transactions

    Verify transactions by analyzing the behavioral pattern of each user and matching to in-app transaction history. Transactions initiated at unfamiliar locations will increase the Incognia risk score and can be used to trigger step up authentication.

Address verification

Verifies the user address provided during onboarding

Precise location data allows us to match device visit history to each address claimed during account opening. We continuously validate this location information, so that we can detect and alert for changes in behavior that may indicate a change of address, or possible fraudulent activity.

Address Verification

Device integrity

Validates the reliability of the data collected from a device

We validate the integrity of each device by scanning numerous attributes, including app and file details, to identify attempts to produce fraudulent data. We can detect techniques like location spoofing and device rooting, which may indicate malicious intent.

Device Integrity

Trusted location

Verifies in-app actions based on user location

During in-app actions, such as login or secure transactions, we verify how familiar the device's real time location is compared to the user's historical behavior, and assign a risk score. A high risk score is provided when events are initiated at unfamiliar or untrusted locations, which may indicate an attempted account takeover.

Trusted Location

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