Enabling secure remote access using location awareness

Enabling secure remote access using location awareness
  • Secure remote access

    Secure remote access

    Increase security for remote employees using location behavioral signals as part of multi-factor authentication.

  • Frictionless login

    Frictionless login

    Works in the background to create a dynamic location fingerprint based on the employee’s unique behavior.

  • Private identity

    Private identity

    Requires no capture or storage of PII. Creates a unique private identity based on location behavior.

Location-based identity and authentication to secure remote workers

Increases the security of remote access for employees, while reducing login friction by leveraging location behavior during authentication. Incognia creates unique behavioral profiles for each user enabling dynamic, digital “work” environments that are not tied to a specific physical location.

Dynamic Knowledge

Incognia informs authentication systems of employee whereabouts:

  • Corporate office
  • Home office
  • Traveling

Actionable Insights

Incognia triggers follow-on actions based on enterprise policy:

  • Approve login
  • Step-up authentication
  • Deny login

Address Verification

Confirms if employee is at a typical “at work” location

Incognia validates current location address with location history to determine if this is a typical “at work” location for the employee.

Address Verification

Device Integrity

Validates how reliable is information from this device

Incognia continuously checks the integrity of the device to confirm the validity of location information. This includes checking the operating system, and installed apps to see whether location is being forged, or if the user is using an emulated environment.

Device Integrity

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