Mobile Fraud Prevention using Location & Device Intelligence

At onboarding, authentication and in-app transactions, Incognia delivers frictionless fraud prevention throughout the mobile user journey.

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Incognia works throughout the user journey

Detect fraudsters and remove friction for trusted users

Incognia’s award-winning location identity technology is highly resistant to location spoofing and offers superior location precision for accurate fraud detection on mobile with very low false-positive rates. Incognia uses network, location, and device intelligence data to silently recognize trusted users based on their unique behavior patterns.
Illustration of a cellular phone showing a fingerprint formed by the technological detection of Incognia's location through GPS, Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network signals

Location and Device Intelligence

We make it easy to access Incognia's risk assessment and supporting evidence. Incognia supports API integration to your risk engine, provides an export feature for in-depth reporting, and summary and detailed view dashboards for easy viewing of supporting evidence. 

  • Deatailed summary

    Summary and detailed views of risk assessments

  • Export feature

    Export feature for in-depth reporting

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    Stand-alone fraud detection, or integrate our APIs with any risk engine

Incognia Dashboard
Incognia's dashboard
Designed for developers

Fast SDK integration & easy-to-use APIs

We provide a lightweight mobile SDK and intuitive APIs to make it easy for you to add location and device intelligence to risk assessments throughout the user journey.

SDK Payload Example

Ready to add location as the ultimate trust signal to your mobile app?