Address verification

Instant address verification for increased conversions

Reduce false positives and manual reviews using location behavioral biometrics.

  • More accounts opened

    More accounts opened

  • Fewer false positives

    Fewer false positives

  • Fewer manual reviews

    Fewer manual reviews

Incognia Phone
  • Faster account opening

    Stop fraudsters, not customers

    • Verify addresses in real-time
    • Requires no action from the user
  • Increased account opening

    Instant verification of home address

    • Approve more customers in real-time
    • Reduce delays from manual reviews
  • Fewer false positives

    Enhanced verification techniques

    • Reduce reliance on outdated static credentials
    • Identify trusted customers

Safer and faster customer onboarding

Using network signals and on-device sensors, Incognia analyzes current location and  location behavior to confirm if users actually live at the address provided during new customer onboarding.

  • Address is entered

    Address is entered

    The new user fills in their address during the in-app onboarding process.

  • Identity and document verification

    Information is verified

    Incognia matches the provided address with the user's location behavior to verify identity.

  • Verification continues

    Verification continues

    Incognia continuously re-verifies this information to detect and notify of a possible change of address.

Insights & Analytics

Location and Device Intelligence

We make it easy to view and access risk assessment details, with supporting reason codes, in summary and detailed view dashboards.

    • icon-high-level-summary

      Summary and detailed views of risk assessments

    • icon-export

      Export feature for in-depth reporting

    • icon-detailed-view

      API integration with any risk engine

    Dashboard overview
  • Device
  • Location
Designed for developers

Fast SDK Integration & Easy to Use APIs

We provide a lightweight mobile SDK and intuitive APIs to make it easy for you to add location and device intelligence to risk assessments throughout the user journey.

  • icon-instant-value-incognia

    Integrate in minutes using our integration wizard

  • icon-easy-integration-incognia

    Work with well-structured and easy to understand API responses

  • icon-user-privacy

    Test in monitor-only mode and view results on the dashboards


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