Know Your Customer: KYC

Comply with KYC and AML requirements

Enhance KYC and AML detection with Incognia location behavioral biometrics and device intelligence as additional risk signals.

  • Reduce ATO

    Reduce ATO

  • Reduce friction

    Reduce friction

  • Reduce fraud

    Reduce fraud

Incognia Phone
  • Improve risk scoring

    Use location behavior as key risk signal

    • Location behavior is the strongest risk signal for mobile users
    • Use device intelligence to detect emulators and jail broken and rooted devices
  • Identify trusted users

    Recognize trusted user behavior

    • Incognia location technology detects anomalies in user behavior 
    • Location behavior that doesn't match a behavior  pattern is flagged as high risk
  • Detect device spoofing

    Detect emulated or compromised devices

    • Incognia device intelligence detects anomalies in device characteristics and flags as high risk
    • Enhance detection of fraudulent devices and fraud farms

Enhancing KYC Using Behavioral Biometrics

Incognia provides enhanced risk assessment enabling companies to reduce the time to verify and onboard legitimate new customers, and comply with KYC and AML requirements.

Unlike public data, Incognia identity verification is real-time, dynamic and continually updating. Incognia location technology, analyzes network signals and on device sensors to build a location  fingerprint, unique to each user. 

Adding no friction, Incognia works silently in the background. If the address provided during the onboarding process does not match with the user's location behavior pattern, Incognia delivers a high risk score for the user.

  • User attempts login

    New user signs up

    The user provides requested information to create an account.

  • Device is checked

    Device is checked

    Incognia checks the user’s device for emulation or spoofing and delivers risk score.

  • Location is checked

    Location is checked

    Incognia matches the user’s current location with home address provided to assess risk and deliver a risk score.

Designed for developers

Fast SDK integration & easy-to-use APIs

We provide a lightweight mobile SDK and intuitive APIs to make it easy for you to add location and device intelligence to risk assessments throughout the user journey.

SDK Payload Example
Incognia Location Spoofing Report Dating Edition Cover

Incognia Location Spoofing Report Dating Edition

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Location-based Liveness Spoofing Detection Cover
Solution Brief

Location-based Liveness Spoofing Detection

Incognia is highly effective at detecting biometric liveness spoofing using deepfakes delivered using injection attacks as well as presentation attacks.

Location Spoofing Detection Cover
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Location Spoofing Detection

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