Mobile Payment Fraud Detection

Increase acceptance and reduce chargebacks

Remove friction and increase payment acceptance using location behavioral biometrics and device fingerprinting.

  • Increase conversions

    Increase acceptance

  • Payments

    Increase spending

  • Reduce chargebacks

    Reduce chargebacks

Incognia Phone
  • Increase payment acceptance

    Add location behavior as key risk signal

    Location behavior provides the strongest risk signal for mobile users

  • Increase spending

    Send notifications via the app when the user is in-store or at-checkout

    Offer contactless payment options and reduce friction for user

  • Reduce chargebacks

    Detect emulated or compromised devices and use of stolen IDs

    Identity fraudulent devices and use of stolen or fake IDs

Fraud Detection for Contactless Payments

Leverage location behavior signals and device intelligence for enhanced risk assessments

  • Store

    User enters store

    Incognia detects user has entered store and pushes notification to user with one-click contactless payment options.

  • QR code

    User scans QR code

    Incognia checks if that QR code is linked to the specific store location and that user is at that location.

  • Location is checked

    Location is checked

    Incognia matches the user’s current location with the user's location behavior history to assess risk and deliver risk score.

Insights & Analytics

Location and Device Intelligence

We make it easy to view and access risk assessment details, with supporting reason codes, in summary and detailed view dashboards.

    • icon-high-level-summary

      Summary and detailed views of risk assessments

    • icon-export

      Export feature for in-depth reporting

    • icon-detailed-view

      API integration with any risk engine

    Dashboard overview
  • Device
  • Location
Designed for developers

Fast SDK Integration & Easy to Use APIs

We provide a lightweight mobile SDK and intuitive APIs to make it easy for you to add location and device intelligence to risk assessments throughout the user journey. 

  • Instant value

    Integrate in minutes using our integration wizard

  • Well-structured API

    Work with well-structured and easy to understand API responses

  • Monitor-only mode

    Test in monitor-only mode and view results on the dashboards

SDK Payload Example
Solution Brief

Contactless Payments

Protecting QR code contactless payments using location intelligence, to increase conversions and prevent account takeover, fake accounts and fake QR codes.


A Guide for QR Code Contactless Payments

This eBook is for product managers, responsible for mobile apps, who are looking to better understand the rising interest in QR Code contactless payments.

Blog Post

Frictionless Fraud Detection Meets Contactless Payments

Contactless payments usage surges due to health concerns. Incognia introduces frictionless fraud detection to protect QR code contactless payments.

Start using private location awareness in your app.