Detect Fake Account Fraud

Real-time detection of fake and stolen identities using location and device intelligence

Advanced fraud prevention for enhanced detection of synthetic and stolen identities at onboarding.

  • Fake ID

    Detect fake accounts

  • Fraud

    Reduce fraud

  • Frictionless account security_2

    Reduce friction

Incognia Phone
  • Reduce application fraud

    Check consistency between real-time location and home address

    Recognize synthetic and stolen identities based on location behavior and stop fraudsters opening fake accounts

  • Catch fraudsters at login

    Check current location with location behavior history

    Stop fraudsters accessing accounts using fake IDs

Detecting Stolen and Synthetic Identities

The most effective technique to catch synthetic and stolen identities is by detecting anomalies in location behavior, including location spoofing, mobile emulation and inconsistencies between provided addresses and user location behavior.

Using location behavior and device intelligence Incognia is able to provide advanced anomaly detection of device and location behavior, indicating high risk of fraud.

  • User creates account

    User creates account

    User enters credentials. either to create an account or to login to an existing account. Is the user real or fake?

  • Device is checked

    Device is checked

    Incognia checks the user’s device for emulation, location spoofing, and against the device watchlist.

  • Location is checked

    Location is checked

    Incognia matches the user’s current location with the user's location behavior history to assess risk and deliver risk score.

Insights & Analytics

Location and Device Intelligence

We make it easy to view and access risk assessment details, with supporting reason codes, in summary and detailed view dashboards.

    • icon-high-level-summary

      Summary and detailed views of risk assessments

    • icon-export

      Export feature for in-depth reporting

    • icon-detailed-view

      API integration with any risk engine

  • Device
  • Location
Designed for developers

Fast SDK Integration & Easy to Use APIs

We provide a lightweight mobile SDK and intuitive APIs to make it easy for you to add location and device intelligence to risk assessments throughout the user journey. 

  • Instant value

    Integrate in minutes using our integration wizard

  • Well-structured API

    Work with well-structured and easy to understand API responses

  • Monitor-only mode

    Test in monitor-only mode and view results on the dashboards

SDK Payload Example
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Solution Brief

Frictionless Identity Verification

Incognia location technology, analyzes physical locations and places visited by users to trace behavioral patterns and understand each user's home context.

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