Tackling Promotion Abuse in the Delivery Industry

Nov/16 at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Jennifer Rosa, Customer Success @ Incognia

Raiza Oliveira, Data Analytics @ Incognia

Host: David Nesbitt

Delivery platforms are pouring money into promotional campaigns, but fraudsters have found sophisticated ways to siphon off large amounts of those funds. How can platforms fight back?

Join Incognia’s experts Jeniffer Rosa and Raiza Oliveira as they unpack the complicated issue of promotion abuse in the delivery industry and how this type of fraud can be prevented. Jennifer and Raiza will share insights from their extensive experience fighting promotion abuse through close collaboration with our customers.


Key topics:

In this session, Jennifer and Raiza will discuss:

  • How pandemic-related growth has introduced new challenges
  • The prevalence and impact of promotion abuse
  • The sophisticated methods fraudsters are using to abuse promotions
  • How to combat promotion abuse and defend your platform

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and arm yourself with new fraud-fighting insights.