Solve your trust & safety challenges with location verification

Incognia is a risk platform that uses location behavior to verify the identity of new and existing users.

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Protecting 200 million location identities across 25 countries

Delivering trust and safety with award-winning location technology

  • Secure

    False acceptance rate of 1 in 17,000,000

  • Frictionless

    Passive signal for smooth user experience

  • Accurate

    False positive rate below 0.01%

Companies in many industries use Incognia to solve their identity, authentication and fraud prevention challenges

  • Food Delivery

    • Driver fraud
    • GPS spoofing
    • Promotion abuse
    • Payment fraud
  • Gaming

    • Regulatory compliance
    • Player collusion
    • Promotion abuse
    • Chip dumping
  • Social Media

    • Fake accounts
    • Content integrity
    • Romance scams
    • Misinformation campaigns
  • Financial Services

    • New account fraud
    • Identity fraud
    • Synthetic identities
    • Account takeover

Guide your identity decisions with real-time location data

Recognize trusted users without added friction and add a innovative signal to identify risk.

  • Address Verification

    Validate addresses anywhere in the world with real-time location data.
  • Passwordless Authentication

    Offer legitimate users passwordless authentication for a frictionless experience.
  • Location Spoofing Detection

    Detect location spoofing techniques used to execute identity fraud and ATO.
  • Fraud Prevention

    Recognize anomalies to block fraudulent accounts, logins, transactions and fraud farms.
Case Study New

Location Spoofing Detection for Mobile Gaming App

  • 94%

    of user accounts verified (location permission enabled)

  • 50,000+

    suspicious accounts detected and blocked

  • 5

    custom watchlists for suspicious device and location behavior

Case Study New

Social media app increases real-time international address validation rate

  • 94%

    of users addresses validated in 11 international markets

  • 63%

    of addresses that leading address database services were unable to verify were immediately approved

  • 24%

    increase in onboarding new users in both domestic and international markets

Case Study

Challenger bank willbank reduces ATO on mobile wallet by 80%

  • 93%

    users enjoy frictionless authentication

  • 90%

    reduction in fraud losses

  • 0.0013%

    false positive rate

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