Location is the identity link

Confidently associate devices and identities using precise location data for silent and secure mobile authentication.
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Reliable performance at scale
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How we do it

Authenticate with Location Identity

Incognia combines GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and Network signals to pinpoint devices with apartment-level accuracy, unlocking the benefits of location for mobile authentication.

Precise location data can detect trusted users without friction and suspicious behavior to prevent new account fraud and account takeover. 

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Suspicious location

  • Multiple accounts accessed
  • Connected to suspicious WiFi

Trusted location

  • Emulator not detected
  • Connected to trusted WiFi
  • Food Delivery
    “Incognia helps us stay one step ahead of new location spoofing trends and better identify fraudulent access.”
    Global Head of Operations
    Hand of a person holding a cell phone while ordering a delivery
  • Marketplace
    “Incognia is a strategic partner to us as we acquire and verify new users globally.”
    Product Manager of Trust & Safety
    Hand of two women holding their smartphones on a table while browsing photo and video sharing social media networks
  • Mobile Gaming
    “Along with other signals, Incognia helps us identify player collusion with the intention of defrauding the game.”
    Head of Security & Payments
    Hand of a person holding a cell phone while playing online games.

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