Apple announces use of location for fraud prevention Featured Image

Apple announces use of location for fraud prevention

Apple upgrades fraud prevention for Apple Pay and Apple Wallet

I'm excited to share that location-based fraud prevention took a big step forward this week with the announcement that Apple Pay is now using location for fraud prevention. Apple users started receiving alerts this week of the new fraud prevention capabilities. Apple’s use of location for fraud prevention with Apple Pay and Apple Wallet is a no-brainer for increasing the protection of user accounts and preventing fraud without adding user friction. But the benefits of using location are not just limited to payments or iOS devices.

Apple's upgrade of its fraud prevention capabilities with location is strong validation for Incognia's innovative location-based approach to mobile security. Incognia is working with customers across industries including fintech, gaming, delivery, and social to increase mobile security while streamlining the user experience. Also, Incognia works across Android and iOS platforms, and across use cases, including onboarding, device authorization, login, payments and other high-risk transactions. Over the past 18 months, Incognia has been deployed in over 200M mobile devices across 20 countries.

Our solution is providing substantially better results when compared to other approaches to mobile authentication and fraud prevention, including behavioral biometrics, facial recognition and others.

If you are interested in exploring Incognia to enhance the user experience and security of your mobile application, please contact us.