Incognia Introduces New Location Identity Fraud Detection Tools Featured Image

Incognia Introduces New Location Identity Fraud Detection Tools

Designed to allow customers to easily deploy advanced mobile app fraud detection capabilities 

Today we announced three new location identity fraud detection modules to support mobile app security for customers across markets including finserv, crypto, social networks, and online gaming.

With Finance app downloads totaling 5.9B in 2021, increasing 28% YOY, and Gaming apps seeing more than $16B in consumer spend in 2021, it is not only new users that are flocking to fintech and gaming apps but also fraudsters.

Incognia’s new solution modules offer enhanced fraud prevention capabilities for mobile apps by leveraging location and device intelligence signals directly from the user’s device. Fraudsters are adopting new fraud techniques targeted at mobile including the use of location spoofing to hide and obscure the true location of the user. A key benefit of Incognia fraud detection modules is that they add no friction to the user experience and work silently in the background, providing highly accurate risk assessments to prevent fraud. 

Incognia’s new solution modules include:

  • Location Spoofing Detection - especially important for trust and safety in mobile apps for social, dating, transportation, food delivery, gambling, and gaming.
  • Global Address Validation - offering real-time address validation anywhere in the world and particularly useful in areas where address databases are incomplete or unavailable.
  • Trusted Device Intelligence - an important overlay to standard device fingerprinting to enable the immediate recognition of trustworthy devices. Goes beyond traditional device fingerprinting in assessing not only the device integrity but also the device location to accurately assess risk whenever a new device attempts to login and access services.

Incognia solution modules are enabled via the same mobile SDK and APIs used by the Incognia zero-factor authentication solution that works on both iOS and Android devices. Data collected by the SDK is anonymized with hash and encryption techniques and Incognia adheres to privacy by design guidelines.

To learn more please read our new product announcement and view our online resources at our library.