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We Are Incognia

Creating a private identity for the era of ubiquitous computing.

The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it. 

– Mark Weiser, The Computer for the 21st Century

At Incognia, we share Mark Weiser’s vision for the future of computing, where technology works frictionlessly in the background. A decade ago, my co-founders and I set out to develop technology that could safely support this new era. 

The goal was to create a digital identity that would allow users to interact with connected things in a way that is effortless, secure and private. The result was the development of a precise location technology that creates a unique behavioral pattern for each user, like a fingerprint. The technology doesn’t rely on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), decoupling a user’s real-world identity from their digital identity, and creating a truly private identification solution. 

Using a location fingerprint as a digital identifier means that we don’t need to collect or store any PII. This is a radical departure from the static knowledge-based identification methods common today, and is a significant step forward for user privacy and protection from identity theft. 

Unlike a human fingerprint, which once stolen is compromised, the Incognia location fingerprint is dynamic and updated in real-time, making it extremely difficult to fake. In addition, our advanced data protection techniques, including hashing and encryption, transform each user’s location data to ensure that no individual can be identified or located.  

At Incognia, data protection and user privacy are central to our mission, not an afterthought or compliance checkbox. In addition to being GDPR & CCPA compliant, we go far beyond these regulations in our endeavor to protect both the account security and privacy, of mobile users. 

This technology is at the core of Incognia’s mobile fraud products. We are the first company to leverage precise location data to create a behavioral biometrics solution. As mobile becomes a more important channel, mobile fraud is increasing. Incognia gives mobile commerce apps advanced defense against new forms of account fraud and account takeover. Dynamic, continuous, and self-learning, our tech was built to help companies stay ahead of fraudsters.

Every member of the Incognia team believes in the vision of a world where humans effortlessly interact with technology. We also view respecting and protecting user privacy as fundamental to that end. We are thrilled to bring our private identity to market and be part of enabling the future of ubiquitous computing.

About Incognia

Incognia is a private identity company that provides location-based behavioral biometric solutions for identity verification and authentication. Incognia has teams located in New York, Palo Alto, and Brazil, where our sister company, Inloco, was founded in 2014.