Winner of Best Digital Identity Verification Innovation by Datos Insights

Learn why Datos Insights has recognized Incognia as a 2023 innovator in digital identity verification for financial services.

  • Criteria of Datos Awards
    • Level of innovation

    • Competitive advantage

    • Market need

    • Financial crime risk mitigation

    • Impact on CX and operations

    • Integration and scalability

    • Future roadmap

  • Insights from David Mattei at Datos
    • "Leveraging the user’s location information, Incognia recognizes that this is the same user with a new device, providing continuity within a fraud or authentication solution."

    • "Location Fingerprint stands out in the authentication space for its novel method of uniquely identifying an individual."

The Incognia Solution


  • Cross-device fingerprinting on both mobile and web

  • Exact location intelligence for unparalleled user verification

  • Detects app and device manipulation techniques

Finance app — Fraud Prevention Engineering Manager
(5 out of 5)
"We significantly reduced the number of fraud instances and manual review costs by automating our device authorization process through your geolocation functionality and other important device information."
Credit Card Issuer — Head of Fraud Prevention
(5 out of 5)
Incognia's solution has helped us prevent account takeover fraud in our application generating savings of millions. It has also helped us reduce our spending on facial biometrics, and reduce security friction for our customers.

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