Fast mobile fraud detection for Banks & FinTech

Mobile fraud detection for banks and fintech
  • Detect new account fraud

    Detect new account fraud

    Use location behavior to quickly verify and onboard legitimate new customers and prevent new account fraud.  

  • Reduce false positives

    Reduce false positives

    Use real-time location data instead of outdated public data and reduce false positives, friction, drop-off and the need for manual review.

  • Prevent account takeover

    Prevent account takeover

    Use location behavior intelligence for authentication to detect the use of stolen credentials and protect against account takeover.

Time is Money

Mobile banks, payment and lending apps are playing a critical role in today’s fast moving world. This new reality calls for dynamic, fast mobile fraud detection to protect against aggressive scams leading to account takeover, fraudulent payments, and financial losses.

Incognia’s location-based behavioral biometrics uncovers behavioral anomalies with a high-level of precision and low rate of false positives. It provides a dynamic, real-time, frictionless mobile security layer for new customer onboarding (KYC) and ongoing authentication.

Benefits for financial services

  • No-document identity verification

    No-document identity verification

    Stop reliance on static information when verifying new applications and complying with KYC procedures. Integrate Incognia to match the address provided during onboarding to the actual location behavior of new account applicants. By adding dynamic and real-time information, you’ll reduce false positives, manual reviews and drop-off, and approve more new customers.

  • Continuous background authentication

    Continuous background authentication

    Protect existing accounts against account takeover to maintain customer trust and brand reputation. Use Incognia’s location-based behavioral biometrics to detect the use of stolen credentials and verify unknown devices by analyzing the location behavior of the device attempting to login. This dynamic layer of authentication works behind the scenes to keep accounts secure.

  • Secure Mobile transactions

    Secure Mobile transactions

    Add dynamic transaction authentication with Incognia’s location-based behavioral biometrics. Use Incognia to check a customer's mobile device location at the moment of login or transaction to detect fraudulent activity. As an added invisible layer of defense, Incognia provides frictionless adaptive authentication for step-up or step-down security to deliver a seamless user experience.

  • Frictionless account security

    Frictionless account security

    Expertly balance security with user experience by incorporating location-based behavioral biometrics into your KYC and authentication processes. Automatically verify customer identity at onboarding and login to start delivering value to real customers as quickly as possible.

Get started quickly

Incognia is designed to be easy to implement and deliver results quickly. Our mobile SDK takes less than 30 minutes to install in your mobile app.

  • Device integrity API

    Device integrity API

    Validate the integrity of the location data provided by a device to ensure reliability.

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  • Trusted location API

    Trusted location API

    Understand if a user is logging in or transacting from a location they have visited before.

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  • Address verification API

    Address verification API

    Identify customers instantly by matching a provided address to their location behavior.

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