Incognia enters the iGaming space with geolocation compliance and account security solution

The company promises a precise and tamper-resistant geolocation compliance solution and a proactive account security signal to prevent account takeovers and fraud

Palo Alto, CA – April 19, 2023 – Location identity company, Incognia, is excited to announce its entrance into the regulated US gaming market with the launch of its integrated geolocation compliance and account security solution. Designed for digital operators in iGaming, Sports Wagering, Daily Fantasy Sports & Real Money Skilled Based Gaming, this signal enables operators to satisfy jurisdictional compliance requirements and protects player accounts against takeover fraud (ATO).

With Incognia’s tamper-resistant geolocation compliance solution, operators benefit from both unprecedented advanced accuracy and precision. With location tampering detection features and apartment-level accuracy, the technology ensures that operators can abide by state-specific geofencing requirements, prevent wagering outside of state lines, and capture every legitimate transaction. Before bringing this solution to market, Incognia worked with Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) to complete a functional review of the accuracy and reliability of the geolocation solution when verifying player locations. The GLI Attestation concluded that Incognia, “was able to detect any attempt to alter location data, and accurately respond to the valid location data it received.”

“Incognia passed all (tests) with flying colors. I was surprised that I didn't uncover anything that required fixing and retesting, because I always do,” said Garett Krier, Testing Engineer at GLI.

While Incognia is new to geolocation compliance for gaming, the company's highly precise and innovative location technology is used for frictionless account security and fraud prevention by global companies across industries. Incognia’s proven technology detects suspicious login attempts automatically, blocking ATO attacks, enabling a friction-free experience for good users and minimizing the operational burden of manual reviews. 

The combination of location behavior and device intelligence enables Incognia's persistent device identification and location-based account takeover detection, capable of identifying suspicious activities like the use of GPS spoofing apps, VPN, emulators, root access, app tampering, and other forms of location spoofing and tools used to compromise the device integrity. When it comes to fraud prevention, multi-accounting along with identity theft, bonus abuse, collusion, proxy betting and payment fraud are examples of fraudulent behavior detected and blocked by Incognia while delivering frictionless player authentication.

"We are thrilled to bring several decades of combined experience building location technology to the growing US iGaming and Sports Wagering market,” said André Ferraz, CEO and Founder of Incognia. “In addition to providing a more precise and resourceful geolocation compliance solution, we look forward to arming operators with a proactive fraud prevention signal that automates the use of location data and greatly reduces the need for manual fraud investigations.”

With these services combined, operators can achieve peace of mind knowing that they are taking reliable precaution necessary to comply with state laws,  protect their player accounts from ATO and detect proxy betting, collusion and payment fraud with pinpoint accuracy. As the gaming industry continues to grow, Incognia looks forward to providing innovative solutions that improve the gaming experience while continuing to adapt our technology to new threats of fraud worldwide. 


About Incognia

Incognia, a digital identity company, has created a tamper-proof Location Identity to silently verify and authenticate customers throughout their digital journey. Fraud, operations and Trust & Safety teams at global gig economy and marketplace companies, including food delivery, ride-sharing, eCommerce and more, use Incognia to authenticate trusted users without friction and detect suspicious behavior to prevent new account fraud and ATO. 

Incognia was founded in 2020 and is currently securing over 200M devices. It is a venture-backed company headquartered in California, with teams across the United States and Brazil. Stay connected and follow Incognia on Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit to learn more.