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Digital car rental marketplace reduces identification friction with Incognia Location Verification

The app-based car rental marketplace decreased identity verification friction significantly by leveraging Incognia to verify user addresses automatically with Location Verification.

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  • 81%
    reduction in additional documentation requests
  • 72%
    of new users were verified automatically
Car Rental Marketplace app — Data Fraud Lead
(5 out of 5)

"Incognia's Address Verification solution was essential to reducing friction and improving the in-app user experience. Additionally, we saw a significant increase in the automatic approval rate of new users. Incognia was key to making this happen. We are delighted with the results achieved."

Company Profile

Mobile-only car rental marketplace that fleet for short-term and monthly rentals and has approximately 1M MAUs.

The Challenge

Previously, the company required new users to go through identity verification (IDV) before they could complete the account creation process and rent a car. For identification, the company asked for a photo of their driver’s license and a credit card. The information from the license was then matched against a credit bureau database to confirm that the personal information presented, such as address, was legitimate. If the credit check came back inconclusive, the user was required to submit a document, like a utility bill. This added friction was causing legitimate users to abandon account creation and was hurting platform growth.

The company realized they couldn’t rely on documents and manual checks, and that they needed an IDV solution that could cover the gap left by their credit vendor. They needed to make the account opening experience as simple and turnkey as possible.

The Solution

The company implemented Incognia's Location Verification solution into its identity proofing flow. Incognia’s solution compared the address on the user’s provided documentation to their historical and real-time location behavior. With Incognia, the platform was able to reduce document requests by 81%. They used the Incognia API to automatically verify 72% of new users and implemented the Incognia Webhook to verify an additional 9% of users by continuously re-assessing their real-time location behavior and proactively alerting the company of changes in risk assessment. This approach ensures that the platform converts as many new users as possible.

Thanks to Incognia, the company has significantly improved their new user verification process and reduced the abandonment rate, fueling user growth.

Reduced Document-based Identity Verification

Graphic of Reduced Document-based Identity Verification


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