Delivering Privacy by Design

Understanding the 7 Principles

How does a company implement each of the seven fundamental principles of Privacy by Design through technical and organizational measures? 

Read this eBook to understand how to implement the Privacy by Design, using Incognia as an example implementation.

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KYC AML | Know Your Customer | Incognia Cover

KYC AML | Know Your Customer | Incognia

Use location behavioral biometrics as the key risk signal for KYC AML. Use location intelligence to streamline the KYC process. Learn more.

Address Verification | Incognia Cover

Address Verification | Incognia

Use Incognia's Address Verification API to reduce false positives and manual reviews. Leverage location behavior biometrics to protect users at the...

Welcome to Incognia! Cover

Welcome to Incognia!

What is Incognia? Watch our video to find out more about our technology and how we are working to change authentication and creating a private identity...

Start using private location awareness in your app.