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How to increase Trust and Safety in Dating Apps

Incognia has conducted a study on the state of location spoofing in 24 leading dating apps around the world.

Don’t Punish the User: Authentication Friction in Crypto Mobile Apps

Incognia reviewed the authentication process for login, password reset and device change on twenty one leading cryptocurrency mobile apps.

Friction and Fraud Facts: Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps

Incognia reviewed the identity verification and authentication methods used in onboarding new customers on nineteen leading cryptocurrency mobile apps.

2021 Friction and Fraud Failures

Incognia reviewed the authentication methods of twenty-seven major mobile financial applications and discovered a lot of friction and weak MFA.

Top 4 Contributors to Account Takeover

The end goal of fraudsters on mobile is account takeover (ATO). For fintech apps, ATO can result in funds being transferred out of a user’s account. For mcommerce apps, ATO results in loss of funds from mobile wallets, gift cards and also chargebacks to the vendor.

Mobile Location Tracking

Understanding the location technology used by a smartphone

Mobile devices use a variety of location technologies to deliver a growing number of location aware services for transportation, gaming, social and mcommerce. The location-based services market will reach $40 billion by 2024, according to a report by MarketsandMarkets.

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