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Incognia authenticates 45.5 million logins with 0 reported instances of account takeover

A marketplace app launched its new super app to enable easier credit card management features and instant payments.

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  • 45.5M
    logins authenticated with 0 successful account takeovers
  • 98.88%
    of Incognia high risk assessments confirmed as ATO attempts
  • 75%
    of users were able to login without any authentication friction
Marketplace app — Engineering Lead, Trust & Safety and Verification
(5 out of 5)

"Incognia's geolocation product is excellent and has become an essential element of our Trust & Safety strategy. [It] allows us to ensure that our users are real people…[helping] us build a trusted, in-product community that has a much lower incidence of bad actors."

Company Profile

Major online retailer with over 2.1M monthly active users.

The Challenge

In the second half of 2021, the marketplace launched a new super app to give its customers easier credit card management features and enable instant payments. This app immediately became a target of fraud. In order to ensure account security, the company needed to add more advanced authentication signals at login and transaction to automatically detect suspicious behavior and challenge or block account access.

The Solution

Incognia was implemented and called vai API at several moments in the app flow, including account opening and authentication at user login. When given the choice, 84% of users granted the app permission to collect their location data in exchange for greater account security. Once an account had been created and location permission granted, Incognia’s technology began learning the unique behavioral patterns of each user. On average, Incognia is able to accurately authenticate users solely based on their location using three days of data.

Incognia became the primary authentication signal distinguishing the account owners from bad actors based on their location behavior and without introducing any friction into the login flow. Ultimately, Incognia was able to delivery a secure and frictionless login experiences for 75% of the app’s user base who received low-risk assessments. In the case of a high-risk assessment, the super app would challenge the user by requesting a one-time passcode. The company was able to significantly reduce authentication costs, smooth out the login experience and optimize the authentication process.

Since the initial integration, Incognia’s risk assessments have been put to use in other areas, like customer support. Today, all customer reported fraud is analyzed using the supporting evidence that accompanies the Incognia risk assessments. This data is compared with the past purchase behavior of the account to determine whether there fraudulent behavior is occurring. This enabled the company to create a fraud decisioning process that utilizes location behavior, device information, and internal rules, to drastically reduce the instances of confirmed fraud.


“We really wanted to focus on avoiding user friction within the application, but also solve our security issues. That is why we chose to use the Incognia solution. With the use of Incognia, we were able to make the application safer for our customers - giving them the peace of mind that their accounts will not be taken over.”

Product Owner, Mobile Application

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