Fraud Detection

Pinpoint fraud with location verification

Bad actors have outsmarted device fingerprint solutions leaving organizations vulnerable to new account fraud, account takeover and scams. Leverage location behavior as a powerful new risk layer for identity assurance and anomaly detection.

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Incognia Phone
  • Expose new account fraud

    Check consistency between real-time location and home address to recognize identity fraud and fake account creation

  • Block account takeover

    Determine whether the device and its location match the device associated with the account


  • Detect fake accounts

    Prevent scams and misinformation campaigns without the need to implement costly identity verification tools
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Challenger bank willbank reduces ATO on mobile wallet by 80%

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  • 93%

    users enjoy frictionless authentication

  • 90%

    reduction in fraud losses

  • 0.0013%

    false positive rate

Innovative fraud prevention signal

Incognia detects anomalies in location behavior that often indicate attempts of identity fraud, new account fraud and account takeover. The spoof-proof technology ensures that the location data assessed is accurate. The location data collected is compared to a provided address or the historical location behavior of the device associated to the account to detect fraud at account opening, login or transaction.

  • User attempts login

    User attempts to create an account, login or transact

    The new or existing user begins engaging with the client app.

  • Device is checked

    Device integrity is assessed

    Incognia checks the user’s device for tampering, location spoofing, emulation and against any customized watchlists created.

  • Location is checked

    Location is evaluated

    Incognia matches the new user’s address or the existing user's historical location behavior to the devices current location to assess risk and deliver a risk score. 

Risk-based authentication for account takeover reduction Cover
Case Study

Risk-based authentication for account takeover reduction

Will Bank, a Brazilian fintech, achieves 80% reduction in account takeover and 90% cost reduction on mobile with Incognia's risk-based authentication...

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Risk-based Authentication

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Account Takeover Prevention Using Location Behavior Cover
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Account Takeover Prevention Using Location Behavior

Strong Account Takeover Prevention could be achieved through the use of location behavior since 90% of legitimate logins happen at trusted locations.