Passwordless Authentication

Advanced account security doesn't need to come with higher friction

Incognia offers passwordless authentication by building a digital identity using the most unique behavioral signal available - location.

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Zero Factor Authentication.
Zero Factor. Zero Friction.

Location and device intelligence combined

Zero-factor authentication offers mobile users more security with zero friction. Working passively in the background, Incognia's zero-factor authentication solution makes use of GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and device signals to identify trusted users and detect anomalies.

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  • Decrease friction

    • Recognize trusted users, even on a new device, and eliminate insecure passwords
  • Increase security

    • Add location to a risk-based authentication strategy to detect sophisticated ATO attempts 
  • Reduce OTPs

    • Implement Incognia's passive risk signal to reduce OTP challenges while still delivering strong MFA
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Challenger bank willbank reduces ATO on mobile wallet by 80%

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  • 93%

    users enjoy frictionless authentication

  • 90%

    reduction in fraud losses

  • 0.0013%

    false positive rate

Location for no-friction authentication

Incognia collects location data to generate a location identity for each mobile user. When asked for a risk assessment, Incognia compares the device logging in against the device fingerprint and location identity of the device associated with the existing account. The analysis determines whether the device has previously been associated with that account, if it has been tampered, and whether the current location of the device matches the user's location identity to prevent fraudulent account access.

  • Username is entered

    Username is entered

    The user is asked to provide their username or email by the client app. 

  • Location is checked

    Location is verified

    Incognia verifies the device and matches the user's current location with their established location identity to provide risk assessment for authentication.

  • Streamline new account creation

    Authentication decision

    Based on Incognia's risk assessment, the user is authenticated without friction or challenged with an additional authentication factor.