Zero‑Factor Authentication

Zero-factor. Zero friction.

Zero-factor authentication offers mobile users more security with zero friction. Working silently in the background, Incognia's zero-factor authentication solution makes use of network, location and device signals to distinguish trusted users from fraudsters and prevent account takeover.

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The next step for mobile account security

For consumer mobile apps, the future lies in frictionless security. This means the elimination of authentication factors that create additional friction for users. Users want more security but not more friction. Today’s authentication options, including one-time passwords (OTPs), authentication apps, and security keys create friction that users resist. High friction authentication also creates additional support cost.

Incognia zero-factor authentication

Incognia offers frictionless rule-based evaluation of network, location and device signals to deliver a highly accurate risk assessment, protecting the complete in-app journey without any action required by the user.

  • Account Setup

  • Login

  • Account Recovery

  • Sensitive Transactions

What is zero-factor authentication?

Zero-factor authentication (0FA) is a rule based evaluation of network, location and device signals used as part of a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) process.

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Call Zero-Factor First

Given that zero-factor authentication creates no friction for the user, it is recommended for use as part of a continuous authentication strategy, preceding other higher friction authentication steps. Implementing zero-factor authentication as the first step makes it possible to identity low-risk logins and offer frictionless login for the majority of users. Additional authentication steps are required only for the minority of high-risk logins where Incognia has detected anomalies in device and location behavior.

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Understanding Incognia’s key location concepts

Using the location sensor data from the device, Incognia uses a number of key location behavior concepts to create Incognia’s unique location identity. These are the features that differentiate Incognia’s location technology, deployed in over 100 million devices.

Incognia’s key location concepts
  • Network Signals

    Each location has a unique signature of GPS coordinates, and available Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular network signals.

  • Environments

    Incognia maps and correlates these signatures to create unique environments and uses this information to identify the location of a device with high precision and accuracy, even indoors.

  • Location behavior

    The analysis of the user’s location fingerprint and key location behavior that build each user’s unique location pattern.

  • Device intelligence

    The device fingerprint, which is a probabilistic device identification, combined with the device reputation.

  • Fraud behavior watchlist

    The analysis of each suspicious users’ location patterns combined with devices identified in past fraudulent activity.

  • Network effect

    Incognia has a powerful network effect from deployment in over 100 million devices that enhances the effectiveness and the speed of our risk-scoring.

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Delivering enhanced security and a superior user experience.

Incognia’s zero-factor authentication solution provides highly accurate fraud risk assessments in real time, based on users’ unique location pattern and device intelligence.

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  • High accuracy

    99.999% of the location fingerprints are distinct

  • High fraud detection rate

    Below 1 in 100,000,000 fraud rate when location is enabled

  • High trusted location coverage

    90% of logins and 95% of sensitive transactions happen from trusted locations

  • High address match

    85% of mobile banking accounts are opened from home address

  • High opt-in rate

    Following best practices for requesting location permission, more than 90% of consumers are willing to share location data with finance Apps for security purposes

Case Study New

Challenger bank willbank reduces ATO on mobile wallet by 80%

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  • 93%

    users enjoy frictionless authentication

  • 90%

    reduction in fraud losses

  • 0.0013%

    false-positive rate

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