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Many food delivery companies think they don't have a spoofing problem, until we find it.

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    More than 15 Million location spoofing events detected over the last 6 months. 
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    of those events happened in delivery apps.

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  • GPS Location Spoofing Metrics
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Metrics you will receive in your audit report

Numbers and percentages regarding:

  • Devices

    • How many devices are generating location events
    • Percentage using a rooted or jailbroken operating system
  • Location

    • Number of location events generated 
    • Percentage of locations generated with emulators
    •  Number of spoofing events
  • Installations

    • Percentage of installations spoofing their location
  • Accounts

    • Which accounts are flagged for location spoofing events 

Fraud Farms - Identifying where fraudsters are

Listen into Andre Ferraz, Incognia CEO, and Shawn Pitts, Just Eats Risk Manager, talk about different types of scams in the food delivery industry, especially the ones in which fraudsters leverage fraud farms and location spoofing.
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