Device Tamper Detection

Detect advanced location spoofing and tampering attempts

Maintain trust in risk signals and prevent fraud by detecting location spoofing and attempts to manipulate device and app data.

Incognia's Device Tamper Detection
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    Identify tampering with device, app, and location data
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    Prevent Trust & Safety policy abuse
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    Reveal collusion, fraud farms, and promo abuse

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How we do it

Incognia analyzes the integrity of each device to determine whether it's manipulating the data provided to the client app.

Devices that are rooted or jailbroken, running a GPS spoofing application, or being emulated pose a significant security risk because they enable policy abuse and fraud to occur undetected.

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High Risk

  • GPS spoofing detected
  • Device jailbroken

Low Risk

  • GPS spoofing not detected
  • App came from the official store
Incognia's Device Tamper Detection

Device Tamper Detection

Detect advanced location spoofing and tampering attempts

  • Device Model

  • Root/Jailbreak

  • Emulator

  • GPS Spoofing

  • Factory Reset

  • Debugging Mode

  • Code Injection

  • Data Mismatch

  • App Cloner

  • Frida

  • Incognito Mode

  • Geolocation Tampering

  • Privacy Browsers

  • IP to Location Mapping

  • VPN/Proxy

  • Bot Detection

Business Impact

  • Advanced manipulation detection

    Uncover the various ways that bad actors attempt to spoof location and tamper with applications to mask suspicious behavior

  • Identify suspicious actors

    Ensure that location spoofing and app tampering don't enable policy abuse or fraud

  • Prevent repeat offenders

    Recognize repeated attempts to commit fraud by watchlisting devices, accounts and locations associated with location spoofing

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