Location Identity Verification

The only solution for continuous device + identity binding

Seamlessly verify users and addresses by binding device insights, indoor location, and physical address data into one unique identifier.

 Location Identity Verification
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    Reduce onboarding friction and abandonment
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    Reduce verification costs
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    Proactively block fraud and reduce false positives

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How we do it

Location-based user and address verification

Location Identity Verification combines online activity with real-world location signals, creating the first line of defense against fraud.

Tamper-proof exact location data enables this solution to instantly verify users and validate global addresses without friction. 


Tamper Detection

Location spoofing, root/jailbreak, app tampering & emulator

Device Intelligence

Device + location fingerprint Device ID

Exact Indoor Location

Location behavior, trusted & suspicious location recognition

Incognia's Exact Location

Incognia's Cross-Device Fingerprint

By combining a next-generation device fingerprint with precise indoor location insights, Incognia recognizes users across multiple apps and devices, even after a factory reset. This enables our customers to prevent fraud, reduce false positives, and confidently give legitimate users a frictionless experience.


Indoor Location vs IP and GPS location

Indoor Location

<10 feet

30x more accurate than GPS

Indoor Location

Data point can identify individual fraudulent users

IP and GPS

Low precision, with limitations like signal obstructions and environmental inaccuracy

IP and GPS

Not useful for identity purposes, only on an aggregate userbase

Incognia's Location-Based User Verification

Location-based user verification

Tamper-proof exact location offers unprecedented identity verification accuracy.

  • Verify users based on their device’s location behavior

  • Validate identities by matching provided addresses to the device’s historical and real-time location behavior

  • Leverage location as a preventative signal, rather than a supporting data point

  • Go beyond checking the KYC box to ensure users are legitimate

Incognia's Instant Global Verification

Instant global address verification

Verify and validate addresses, no postal database needed

  • Establish trust on day one with real-time address verification

  • Lower verification costs by reducing the use of outdated or incomplete identity databases

  • Verify international addresses with one signal, anywhere business takes you

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