Detect location spoofing to prevent policy abuse & fraud

Incognia checks the integrity of each device to determine if location spoofing or another form of device manipulation is being attempted.

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    Detect devices spoofing location
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    Prevent Trust & Safety policy abuse
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    Reveal collusion & fraud

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How we do it

Incognia analyzes the integrity of each device to determine whether it is manipulating the data provided to the client app.

Devices that are rooted or jailbroken, running a GPS spoofing application, or being emulated, pose a significant security risk as they enable policy abuse and fraud to occur undetected.

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High Risk

  • GPS spoofing detected
  • Device jailbroken

Low Risk

  • GPS spoofing not detected
  • Application from the official store
  • Food Delivery
    “Incognia helps us stay one step ahead of new location spoofing trends and better identify fraudulent access.”
    Global Head of Operations
  • Mobile Gaming
    “Along with other signals, Incognia helps us identify player collusion with the intention of defrauding the game.”
    Head of Security & Payments

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