Incognia Enhances Browser Fingerprint Solution to Protect Enterprises from the Most Destructive Forms of Fraud

Leader in Identity Solutions Delivers Advanced Account Takeover (ATO) and Bot Detection without Interrupting the User Experience

San Jose, CA – June 26, 2024 - Today, Incognia, the innovator of next-generation identity solutions for secure digital experiences, has added advanced account takeover and bot detection capabilities to its Browser Fingerprint solution

The solution addresses the shortcomings of traditional browser fingerprinting and cookie-based methods amid evolving privacy regulations. It leverages AI for advanced device recognition, rather than relying on risk-decisioning alone, to ensure the solution stays ahead of sophisticated fraud tactics. The technology safeguards against account takeovers and bot attacks while enhancing the user experience with fewer false positives, ensuring a seamless and secure interaction for legitimate customers.  

Concern over both fraud attacks and the friction caused by traditional prevention methods has placed device fingerprinting front and center in a fraud fighter's toolkit. Account takeover attacks were responsible for nearly $13 billion in losses in the U.S. last year, according to a 2024 AARP & Javelin Fraud Study. Further highlighting the scale of this issue, Incognia’s own Device Identity Frontline Report analyzed 270 million devices to find that 6.5% of them were likely engaging in fraud. At the same time, seamless authentication is equally important, as 51% of U.S. consumers reported that they considered abandoning an account opening due to friction. 

“Adding security challenges that interrupt the user experience cannot be the answer to addressing fraud prevention today,” said Andre Ferraz, co-founder and CEO of Incognia. “Incognia is committed to investing in R&D to ensure we deliver a reliable fingerprint that can seamlessly and proactively identify fraudulent users before they can do harm.” 

Incognia’s novel AI approach to browser fingerprinting considers 85+ signals, including device, network, and IP information. This approach does not rely on cookies and is both highly stable and adaptable to unique use cases. Incognia’s Browser Fingerprint delivers unprecedented user recognition, with 99.9% accuracy, for proactive fraud prevention by:

  • preventing fraudulent account creation and account sharing
  • blocking automated account takeover attacks
  • detecting ban evasion to block repeat scammers

Incognia secured $31MM in funding earlier this year to meet the growing demand for companies looking to improve fraud prevention across web and mobile in food delivery, ride-hailing, marketplaces, and financial services. For more information about Incognia and its solutions, visit


About Incognia

Incognia is the innovator of next-generation identity solutions that enable secure and seamless digital experiences. With its persistent device fingerprint solution, Incognia combines best-in-class device recognition signals, location analysis, and tamper detection features for frictionless user verification and fraud prevention. Incognia’s customizable risk assessment and actionable insights empower companies in food delivery, ride-hailing, marketplace, and financial services to protect their reputation, retention, and revenue.