Incognia Introduces New Suspicious Locations Feature

Capable of detecting fraud rings, Incognia’s precise location detection is the critical new intelligence layer for fraud and risk teams

Palo Alto, CA --January 25, 2023 -- Location Identity company, Incognia, has announced the launch of a new feature, Suspicious Locations. The feature combines device and precise location signals to proactively identify suspicious locations. Fraud and risk management teams across industries, including food delivery, ride-hailing, social media, marketplace, financial services and gaming, that use this signal will be alerted to relationships between devices and accounts that had previously gone undetected.

Incognia defines a Suspicious Location as a place where a high density of risky devices congregate. These devices may be flagged by Incognia for device integrity issues, such as rooting or app tampering, or they may be devices that have flags for previous fraudulent activity. This new feature gives companies additional capabilities to identify returning bad actors and prevent organized fraud attacks. Incognia’s Suspicious Locations feature ensures that customers are alerted to suspicious behavior concentrated in one location and gives them the ability to block future activity originating only from that precise location, ensuring that false positives remain low.

Fraud and risk teams across industries know that bad actors are not willing to face complexity when acting. When they successfully bypass the defenses of an organization, they tend to focus on scaling their attacks there in order to maximize return on investment. If the test scam fails however, they quickly move on to the next target. Incognia’s goal with the launch of Suspicious Locations is to automatically detect systematic account creation and account takeover attacks by amplifying its existing solutions, Address Verification, Passwordless Authentication and Location Spoofing Detection.  Clients should expect to reduce the costs associated with manual reviews, keep false positives low, and feel confident knowing they are one step ahead by adding this unexpected new signal to their fraud stack.

Incognia maps signal environments based on a unique combination of GPS coordinates, WiFi signals, Bluetooth, and cellular network data collected by its SDK integrated into mobile apps to provide real-time location of a device with 10 ft of precision. This specific approach to location detection allows the solution to offer unparalleled precision and accuracy of the signal for assessing fraud risk. “It’s about time we disrupt the fraudster’s playbook. With Suspicious Locations, Incognia has built on the recognition capabilities pioneered by device fingerprinting technologies. A new layer is needed to ensure companies are equipped with a stable and persistent digital identity solution,” said André Ferraz, Founder and CEO of Incognia. 

Key benefits:

    • Detect  systematic fake account creation: Creators of multiple accounts from a suspicious location can be blocked from the platform
    • Detect  organized account takeover attempts: Account access attempts from a suspicious location can be automatically blocked
  • Detect a high density of suspicious devices: A high number of devices with risky attributes observed at the same geohash (a micro-location that is 32m x 19.2m) can be automatically blocked to prevent fraud at scale
  • Watchlist repeat offenders: Both devices and locations can be added to a suspicious locations watchlist if associated with confirmed fraudulent activity. The watchlist can be either local (customer specific) or global (across customers) as part of Incognia's consortium data.

“Our newest layer of location intelligence will enable fraud and risk teams to identify and block suspicious behavior concentrated at micro-locations. This alert will prevent organized attacks at scale, while ensuring that user friction and false positives remain low,” says Ferraz. 


About Incognia

Incognia, a digital identity company, has created a spoof-proof Location Identity to silently authenticate customers throughout their digital journey. Fraud, operations and Trust & Safety teams at global gig economy and marketplace companies, including food delivery, ride-sharing, eCommerce and more, use Incognia to authenticate trusted users without friction and detect suspicious behavior to prevent new account fraud and ATO. 

Incognia was founded in 2020 and is currently securing over 200M devices. It is a venture-backed company headquartered in California, with teams in New York and Brazil. Stay connected and follow Incognia on Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit to learn more.


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