Serasa Experian and Incognia announce partnership

Incognia location identity solution has been integrated to the CrossCore platform, bringing more agility to onboarding processes, logins, and transactions

Palo Alto, CA -- May 12, 2021-- Serasa Experian and Incognia announce partnership to bring a new layer of protection to companies and their customers through the inclusion of Incognia technology in Serasa Experian's CrossCore platform. Serasa Experian solution, which allows the use of different identity verification, authentication, and fraud prevention tools with a single integration, now also will have an integration of Incognia's location identity risk score for customers with mobile apps.

The Executive Manager of Fraud Prevention at Serasa Experian, Caio Rocha, states that “together, Serasa Experian and Incognia can boost the use of this new technology promoting risk mitigation and preserving the users' experience in the Brazilian market”, comments the executive. 

CrossCore intelligently orchestrates integrated services, providing the customer with a unique recommendation that improves the user experience, optimizes risk management, reduces deployment costs, and manages different tools. The platform starts to integrate Incognia's technology, which  is currently present in more than 60 million smartphones and is used by fintechs, mobile banks, m-commerce and marketplaces. Incognia’s solution reduces friction and fraud during the identity verification stage of onboarding, and differentiates the trusted user from the fraudster during authentication and mobile payments based on location behavior. Key results include a decrease in false positives, a decrease in account takeovers, cost reduction with chargebacks and manual reviews, and an increase in payment acceptance rates on mobile devices.

For André Ferraz, CEO and founder of Incognia, the trend to deliver security and ease to users is a decisive factor for those working on mobile. “We noticed that the user wants a quick, easy and safe journey within mobile apps. By using location signals and motion sensors, we have created a pattern of anonymous location behavior, unique to each user, which provides a digital identity extremely difficult for fraudsters to imitate or fake. Thus, fintechs and m-commerce applications can verify and authenticate the user's identity in real-time preventing fraud and yet avoid friction from trusted users” explains the executive. 

The solution meets a demand from companies around the world. According to Experian's Global Insights Report, released in February 2021, investment in advanced authentication methods impacts customers' assessments of companies. Behavioral biometrics, for example, makes 71% of Brazilian consumers improve their opinion of organizations. In the United States, the percentage was the same. 

Those who activate the Incognia solution in CrossCore must only integrate Incognia's SDK into their mobile application in a few minutes in order to have access to a risk assessment for the Serasa Experian platform. This risk score takes into account the information from all solutions integrated with CrossCore. Incognia establishes the user's identity based on their anonymous location behavior pattern and does not collect sensitive information or information that directly identifies them, such as CPF, name, or any other civil identification information. The technology complies with the LGPD, and goes even further: it uses the principles of privacy-by-design to protect users' data. The partnership with Crosscore has Brazil as its first target market, but both companies are global players.

About Incognia

Incognia is a location identity company that allows advanced mobile fraud prevention for banks, fintech, and mcommerce companies. Using location intelligence, Incognia offers frictionless identity verification and authentication. Incognia's location technology uses network signals and sensors on the device to provide highly accurate location information. By building an anonymous location behavior pattern, unique to each user, Incognia creates a private digital identity for account security.

Founded in 2014 by André Ferraz, an entrepreneur recognized by Forbes as an Under 30 personality, Incognia is private and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with teams in New York and Brazil.

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