Privacy Policy

Incognia is committed to respect privacy and data protection rights. Below you can access the Privacy Policies we apply to offer each of our services. By reading these policies, you will understand in detail what, how and why personal data is collected by Incognia, and how to exercise your privacy controls.

  • Privacy Policy: Incognia Mobile Fraud Solution

    This Privacy Policy contains information about personal data processing for the purposes related to Incognia’s self-titled mobile fraud solution, such as location behavior fingerprinting and address verification.

  • Cookie Policy

    Our Cookie Policy contains information about small text files (cookies) sent from our website to your browser for performance and functionality purposes.

  • Privacy Policy: Website

    The Website Privacy Policy deals with the collection and processing of personal data of website visitors.

  • Recruitment Privacy Notice

    This Privacy Policy only applies to processing the personal data of candidates or potential candidates for Incognia’s job or internship positions.