Precise, location-based authentication

Mitigate mobile fraud by verifying the location of a device at the exact moment that an important in-app action takes place. If the real-time location deviates from the device's historical location pattern, step-up authentication can be triggered.

Precise, location-based authentication

Trusted Location API

Learn how this feature works

  • The user makes
    an in-app action

    A transaction,
    like a login or payment,
    is made in your app.

  • We check
    the device's location

    In real-time, Trusted Location checks if the device has been at or near that location in the past.

  • A risk score
    is delivered

    The API provides a risk score for how likely it is that the action was made by the account owner.

Prevention of account takeover

Prevent account takeover

Trigger our API every time an important in-app action occurs. If the login happens at a location that has not been frequently visited by the device in the past, a higher risk score will be delivered which may indicate account takeover.

Secure digital transactions

Secure digital transactions

Add location insights to your transaction risk score. If your user is at a familiar location when making an in-app transaction, the risk score will be low. Alternatively, transactions trigged from infrequently visited locations will heighten the risk score. 

  • Instant authentication

    Instant Authentication

    Location insights are collected on arrival and verification happens within seconds

  • Frictionless UX

    Frictionless UX

    Verification happens in the background of the user experience adding no friction

  • Private identity

    User Privacy

    GDPR compliant, our privacy-first design requires no capture or storage of user PII

Request SDK for an easy and fast integration

It all starts with SDK integration

Start detecting the location behavior of your users by integrating our SDK and Address Verification API.

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