Location Spoofing Detection

Detect location spoofing before fraud scales

Incognia's spoof-proof location technology detects attempts to mask true location using GPS spoofing apps, emulators and other sophisticated techniques.

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  • Detect fake location

    • Uncover attempts to manipulate location data by both customers and contractors
  • Catch bad actors

    • Identify suspicious behaviors often associated with scams and fraud
  • Prevent systematic fraud

    • Recognize repeat offenders by mapping devices, accounts and location behavior
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Location Spoofing Detection for Mobile Gaming

  • 94%

    of user accounts verified (location permission enabled)
  • 50,000+

    suspicious accounts detected and blocked
  • 5

    custom watchlists for suspicious device and location behavior

Trustworthy digital interactions

Incognia analyzes the integrity of each device to determine whether it is manipulating the data provided to the client. Devices that are rooted or jailbroken, running a GPS spoofing application, or being emulated pose a significant security risk to the trust and safety of a digital community.

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    User engages with the app

    Whether the user is opening an account, entering a mobile game, or cashing out their winnings, Incognia detects device integrity anomalies.

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    Device is evaluated

    Incognia checks whether the device has been tampered, has location spoofing enabled or is running on an emulator. 

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    Incognia assesses risk

    Interactions with devices that have been tampered with or are manipulating the data they pass to the client app will be flagged as risky by Incognia. 

Incognia Location Spoofing Report Delivery Edition Cover

Incognia Location Spoofing Report Delivery Edition

Food delivery apps are flourishing and fraudsters are flocking in and leveraging location spoofing to practice scams. Read this report to know more.

Location Spoofing Detection Cover
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Location Spoofing Detection

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